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I remade my blog, so follow that one instead

Guys, please unfollow this blog. Once most of my followers are gone and my queued remaking posts have run out, I’m not going to be posting on this blog anymore and at most it’ll just be an archive of all the things I’ve posted so far. There’s no reason for you to follow it anymore when I’ve got my new blog up and running, which is over here if you missed it.

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ticktocksheep —-> gimmickheart

I remade my blog! Please follow my new blog over here!

RIGHT OKAY, it’s been long enough where some key people who I didn’t want following me on my new blog aren’t following me anymore, which means I can finally give out my new blog publicly

Instead of queued posts reminding people to ask for my new URL, I’m going to be queuing some posts that link back to my remade blog

Also since I neglected to make a post about it, I have unfollowed all 177 blogs that I was following previously. If you got some form of notification about it, it’s because I’m remaking and not because I hate you.

If anyone that previously sent me a message didn’t get my new URL (right after I made the announcement) then please send another so that I can make sure you actually get it.

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Whats your new url?

Sorry friend, ask off-anon or I can’t give it to you

I don’t want to make my URL public just yet because there are certain people that I want to make sure aren’t following me before I give it out to everyone

Tempted to just give out my remade blog URL but then I can’t filter out whoever finds me and that’s a scary thought, I want to hold onto as much power as I can for as long as I can

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If people can donate 17k for the trainwreck that is Dashcon, maybe there’s hope for me getting a computer that’s not old enough to enroll in middle school and can handle basic tasks without having a meltdown

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Help me think of a URL and it could go on my Actual Blog because the one I’ve got for my remade blog is just


As only people who have asked can attest to, so if you haven’t heard the news, I’m remaking! Send an ask if you want my new (lame) URL or if you have suggestions for a cooler one

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I don’t have any good URLs saved

How am I supposed to reclaim my title as a Cool Plant that is very Sensitive and Deep if I don’t have a radical URL?

I’ve been ticktocksheep for so long I have no idea what URL might even be a good fit

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why are you remaking your blog?

For a few reasons.

First: I’ve got an embarrassing-as-fuck history and over the past, what, two years? I’ve done a lot of changing and (I hope) growing up and this is a way for me to distance myself from the bullshit I’ve pulled in the past.

Second: It’s a fresh start. I can come out of the gate with proper tagging, establish what kind of blog I want to run, and hopefully have a consistently aesthetically-pleasing system of how I run things now that I’ve set up a kind of blogging style I’m proud of.

And third: It’s a chance for me to start off small, without a lot of followers except the ones that go out of their way to ask me about my new blog. I’ve posted a few times about how having well over a thousand followers, even if it’s not as much as some, tends to make me stressed about what kind of people see what I’m posting. This is a way for me to more easily manage the people that follow me, if only for starters.

I’m remaking my blog.

If you’d like my new URL, please send me an ask. At this point, I don’t want to make it completely public.

Sorry to drop it on all of you so suddenly, but I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think this is the best option for me. Thank you so much for nearly two whole years on this blog, and I hope that this will lead to a happier two years after this.


Went on a lil adventure today and meditated by the river near my dad’s house for the first time n it was v nice and now I’m v happy

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